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Company History
CPSnetpay originated as a division of a Certified Public Accounting firm that has been completing payroll for customers since the 1950s. We are still operated by that same firm today, so you can be sure that your payroll is being handled by experts.

Plus, we have a long, long tradition of working closely with all of our clients to make sure their business needs are being met. That’s something you won’t find from the giant national payroll firms.

Yes, we have a lot of tradition behind us, but that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the past. Our payroll services offer a wide array of reporting methods, from traditional paper methods to online services that you can access from anywhere you have Internet access.

What is the CPSnetpay Advantage?
At CPSnetpay, you will receive personalized attention and reliable customer service. No matter what level of comfort you have with today’s technology, CPSnetpay has an input method for payroll that fits you. With our online payroll services, you can enter your payroll information from anywhere you have an internet connection. If you are not comfortable with this technology, you may prefer to call or fax in the information needed to process your payroll. We are continually developing and supplying our clients with all the tools needed to streamline the payroll process.

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