Payroll Processing


We offer Penalty Free Payroll by eliminating the worries and difficulties of federal, state and local payroll tax calculations and filings by shifting the entire burden of payroll tax compliance to CPSnetpay. We pay and file all tax returns when due. Each payday we withdraw the funds necessary to pay your taxes from your checking account and escrow the funds until the taxes are due. If your funds were available on payday and for any reason the tax is not paid on time and a penalty or interest is assessed, we pay the penalty and interest.

Data Entry

Whether you have one employee or a thousand, our Employer on the Go online payroll service makes payroll a breeze. But if you prefer, we offer a variety of other ways for you to collect and transmit your payroll information to us for processing. You can choose the method that works best for your company.

  • Employer on the Go. Access and process your payroll using any browser from an internet-connected computer, laptop, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, or tablet from anywhere and anytime. You just log into your password protected secure account and enter your payroll data.
  • Fax. Complete your data entry worksheet and fax it to us for processing.
  • Phone. A simple phone call every pay period allows a payroll specialist to input your payroll data for quick processing.
  • Import file from most POS and time clock systems.

Delivery Options

We want to be flexible and provide the most convenient and cost effective method to provide you with your payroll reports and checks. We have the following delivery options from which to choose:

  • Employee Self Service.  Employees can access their paystub information via our online system.
  • Employer on the Go.  Access and download employer and employee checks and reports from our online payroll system.
  • Email reports in a password protected PDF file
  • Pick-up at our office
  • UPS or Fedex
  • US Mail
  • Local Courier Service

Direct Deposits

Direct deposit of net pay amounts or other voluntary deductions is available. These deposits can be made into any bank, credit union or savings and loan. The net pay can be deposited into multiple bank accounts per paycheck. Due to requirements imposed by the Federal Reserve for processing of payments through the Automated Clearinghouse System, this service requires processing the payroll a minimum of three days prior to the pay check date.

Check Signing

Check signing is accomplished by scanning the signature of the person or persons authorized to sign the checks and electronically apply the signature(s) to the checks when printed.

Check Insertion

Check insertion service is stuffing the check in a secure window envelope and sealing the envelope so that the checks are ready to hand out upon receipt. Since the envelope is sealed this service must be accompanied with the check signing service.

Standard Payroll Reports

Below are samples of our paychecks and standard reports.  You will need Adobe Reader to view them.

Additional Reports

There are hundreds of reports available as well as custom reports that can be designed to your specific requirements.

  • SIMPLE Plan Reports
  • 401k Plan Reports
  • Accrued Vacation, Sick, PTO Reports