Updated Security for Employer on the Go

Coming May 4, 2015

Security and protection of online data is a concern that everybody shares when using a payroll application like Employer on the Go.

In order to enhance security, we are changing security standards to provide an additional level of protection to the privacy of all user accounts. On May 4th, 2015 we are implementing upgraded password strength requirements for Employer On The GO and Employer OnDemand accounts. Users will also be required to change their password every 12 months. All Employer On The GO and Employer OnDemand users will be required to update their passwords on May 4th, 2015 to meet the new security standards.

Passwords must:
* The password must be 12-20 characters and cannot start or end in a space.
* The password must contain at least one of these characters: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\\{}|:\;”,./<>?
* The password must contain at least one digit [0-9].
* The password must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter.
* The password must be memorized; if a password is written down it might not be secure.

Passwords chosen must not:
* The password must not match your user name, email address, first name, or last name.
* The password must not have been used as of the last 5 password.
* The password must not be shared with other individuals.

Password recommendations:
* Passwords should be unique to the system they are for and not used across multiple platforms.
* Passwords should not contain a common word contained in the dictionary.
* Passwords should be changed on a regular basis. Users are required to change their password each year.

Users will be able to log into the system with their current password after May 4th, 2015 however they will be automatically prompted to change their password after they have logged into the system.

Additionally, users with 5 failed login attempts will now have their account locked. The user will be required to contact their account administrator or reset their password using the “forgot password” feature.

All users will be required to update their account information the first time they log into the system on or after May 4th, 2015. All accounts will require an email address to be on file to allow the users to reset their password via the “forgot password” functionality. Before entering the system, users will be required to except the terms of use. As per the terms of use, accounts should not be shared and each account should be for a single named user.

Please contact us know if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we perform these necessary security upgrades.